Anaconda Aqua Scope

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Anaconda Aqua Scope
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Anaconda Aqua Scope

Anaconda Aqua Scope

Which carp hunter does not dream to be able to look at his feeding ground? - with the Anaconda Aqua Scope this dream comes true. 

The Aqua Scope is the ultimate visual aid to identify the nature of the bottom to a depth of about 6 m at low turbidity. 

Spods you found with the echo sounder can be observed and carp feeding grounds could be indentified. 

The placement and the optimal presentation of the bait is a breeze. 

In addition, the feeding ground can be easily checked out for existing or eaten away food at any time. 

It can be used like a pair of diving goggles and gives the fisherman unimaginable insights and experience for choosing the right place - more carp will be the result. 

An ingenious utensil and an absolute must-have for every Specimen Hunter.

  • Height : 63cm
  • Field of view : 12cm
  • Spectrum : 32cm
  • Demountable into 3 parts 
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