Carp Spirit A.L.S. Marker (for 4) Chrono Carp

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Carp Spirit

Carp Spirit A.L.S. Marker (for 4)

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Carp Spirit propose operational and durable carp products. Meet the complete range of braids, luggage, bed and level chairs, shelters and bite indicators.

Carp Spirit A.L.S. Yelow Marker (for 4)

The Auto Light Static Marker (A.L.S.) features some clever technology. 

Integrated water sensors and Light Dependant Resistors (LDR’s) work together so that the Hi-Viz Red L.E.D.’s will automatically turn on only when the marker is placed in water and when it’s dark. 


Perfect for marking key positions from the boat, red LEDs are used to avoid spooking the fish as it’s first colour of the light spectrum to disappear underwater.

Made from a high buoyancy & Hi -Viz material, simply clip a large weight onto the snap link and drop over the edge of the boat to mark a spot.  

A popular method is to fish your baited rig in between a pair of well-spaced markers to reduce the chance of a hooked fish crossing the line.


  • Hi-Viz plastic for day time identification  
  • Automatically sets depth- Simply place over the edge of the boast and the ‘H’ shape will rotate as the lead falls to the bottom
  • Anti-Spook-Red L.E.D.’s automatically turn on only when the marker is in water and during the hours of darkness
  • Will not turn on during transportation even when inside a bag
  • Internal master off switch 
  • Requires  2x AA Batteries 
  • Up 60+ hours constant run time 


This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
4 x 213429 - Carp Spirit A.L.S. Marker

Carp Spirit A.L.S. Marker (for 4)

139.60€ 114.00€


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