Prologic Last Meter Reptilian Coated 15m Chrono Carp

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Prologic Last Meter Reptilian Coated 15m

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The concept conveyed by the Prologic brand is simple: develop quality fishing tackle for carp with an unambiguous approach. These are good products at affordable prices.

Because the real magic happens at the last meter. We have been working hard over the last two years to set up a new and comprehensive range of terminal tackle able to cope with the high technical specifications needed from every modern carp angler. The rigs used in carp fishing have evolved dramatically during the last few years, so we have been fine tuning each product down to the smallest detail to reach our target. We have used mostly TPU material, which is the best Eco-friendly plastic that can be used for this kind of products , reducing the usage of traditional PVC to very few items.
Even the packaging has been studied to be totally user friendly : most of the boxes can be used straight in your tackle box, and thanks to the special sticker that provide product information and image on the front and on the top it will be easy to recognize the product you are looking for in any moment, than each box can be re-used in many ways to store other small accessories.

Prologic Last Meter Reptilian Coated 15m 

High density PE fibre with a semi-stiff coating. The REPTILIAN COATED is a very good solution for the most advanced combi rig,
once the coating is removed you will find an extremely smooth and supple braid inside that will allow infinite presentation solutions.

Slow sinking, the coating is also a big advantage when you need to cast your rig to extreme distances, helping to reduce dramatically any risk of tangles.

  • Semi-stiff coating
  • Ultra soft PE inner braid
  • Transparent coating
  • Slow sinking
  • Two tone brown camo 
  • Available in four resistance : 15lbs, 25lbs and 35lbs 




"During my fishing-life one rig is always in the rigwallet. The combi-rig. Short or long. With a wide gape hook or a longshank. It doesn’t matter. It’s a allround winner. And with the Reptilian coated hooklink from Prologic you can make the best comborigs
you need on every venue. It’s so tough, sinks like a brick, great rather you use a knot or loop at your swivel and fits in good with the bottom where you are fishing depending from the colour you choose. In other words. Reptilian has it all. A great no-nonsens product." Tony Smeets
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Prologic Last Meter Reptilian Coated 15m

From 14.90€


Resistance: 35lbs
14.90€  12.90€
Resistance: 25lbs
14.90€  12.90€
Resistance: 15lbs
14.90€  12.90€

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