Sonik SK-Tek Weighsling Large Chrono Carp

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Sonik SK-Tek Weighsling Large

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We are proud to offer Sonik products that have quickly gained a solid reputation for reliable performance and excellent value for money! Recognized worldwide, Sonik is one of the best references on the carp fishing market!

Sonik SK-Tek Large Weighsling

Available in large size, this floating weighsling is designed as dual purpose floating weight sling and short-term fish retainer.

Full mesh sides and base are quick draining and sculpted to hold the fish centrally.

The top and end panels are SK-TEK camo material to help keep the fish calm in the water. All handles are double reinforced and webbing support is constructed to give maximum support to the fish.

There are also four night-sight relective patches on the full length floats and with a 5m extension cord with bankstick attachment included these weigh slings offer everything you could need for safe and convenient weighing and short-term retention of your fish.

  • Lightweight design for easy weighing
  • Quick draining mesh bottom and sides
  • Camo material top and ends to keep fish calm
  • Large no 10 zip with zip-lock clip
  • 5m retaining cord with bankstick attachment
  • Single span tension bar for quick launch and removal from water
  • Double reinforced handles and webbing
  • Easy-hook weigh scale loops
  • Wide span weighing straps for better balance
  • Drawstring carry bag
  • Four night-sight relective strips
  • Transport size : 130cm x 10cm

Dimensions : 130cm x 40cm x 65cm

Generous dimensions and maximum fish protection 

Four night-sight relective strips

5m retaining cord with bankstick attachment

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Sonik SK-Tek Weighsling Large

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