Prowess Imperium Bed Level Chair Pack Chrono Carp

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Prowess Imperium Bed Level Chair Pack

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The PROWESS brand continues its flight by proudly proposing its new range enriched with many new products. PROWESS responds to your growing appetite for innovation.

Prowess Imperium Bed Level Chair Pack

Prowess Imperium 8 legs Bedchair 

The great comfort 8 feet "flat" bed chair. Very large format with a meter wide, a height of 40cm (excluding adjustments) and a length of more than 2.15m.

The mattress is composed of thick foam and has a "peach skin" type texture. How not to stay several days fishing in these conditions! A real "King Size" bed! 

Dimensions : 216cm x 100cm x 40cm - Weight : 10.9kg 




Prowess Imperium Level Chair

Prowess is proud to introduce you to its new Level Chair!

The Prowess Imperium Level Chair has been designed to give you maximum comfort during your sessions at the water's edge.

Its raised seat and wide backrest are padded with high density foam for the sole purpose of providing you with maximum comfort.


Forget the old levelchair with the unpleasant touch, the Imperium is made of ultra soft and pleasant materials!

To ensure optimal stability, it is equipped with 4 adjustable feet, all equipped with oversized mudguards.

Once seated, the only desire you will have is to stay there !


  • 4 adjustable feet
  • Feet equipped with anti-mud cups
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Raised sitting
  • Padded seat and back
  • Safety pin
  • Armrest

Dimensions : 50cm x 50cm x 104cm - Weight : 5.12kg 

Safety pin

Adjustable feet with anti-mud cups

This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
1 x 216944 Prowess Imperium 8 legs Bedchair
1 x 216676 Prowess Imperium Level Chair
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Prowess Imperium Bed Level Chair Pack

468.00€ 389.00€


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