Nash Weigh Tripod Dwarf Landing KNX Pack Chrono Carp

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Nash Tackle

Nash Weigh Tripod Dwarf Landing KNX Pack

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Today Nash is the largest brand dedicated to carp fishing, translating into high quality products the desires and needs of fishermen, a leading brand in the UK as well as in Europe and around the world for carp anglers from 32 different countries! Nash: Innovators from the beginning.

Nash Weigh Tripod Dwarf Landing KNX Pack

Nash Weigh Tripod

Eliminates needle shake or bounce when weighing big fish.

  • Rated to support a minimum of over 200 lb (approx. 90 kg)
  • Eliminates needle shake or bounce weighing the biggest fish
  • 25mm aluminium construction
  • Adjustable legs with long points for stability 
  • Heavy duty hook with threaded main block to accept buzzer bars for sky style pods

Dimensions : Height 100cm-180cm - Packed down : 115cm - Weight : 6kg





Nash Dwarf Landing Net 42" 

Packing down to just 44 inches but swallowing the biggest of carp the Dwarf net is the perfect partner to the Dwarf rods.

With a telescopic pole that retracts to a minuscule 44 inches (111cm) but extends to a useful 6 feet 2 inches the Dwarf Net slips neatly into the Dwarf Double Rod Skins, transporting as easily as Dwarf Rods.

  • 44 inch to 6 feet 2 inch high strength telescopic handle
  • Fast Fit moulded spreader block
  • Easy Flow deep green mesh
  • Smart H-Gun Dwarf graphics




Nash KNX Cradle Deluxe

Bringing the Nash cradle concept to everyone for unbeatable carp care. 

Elevators bring the best in carp care to everyone. Elevator cradles support carp securely and safely off the ground.

  • Smaller footprint and carry size
  • Locking leg pins 
  • Velcro fasteners

Dimensions : 104cm x 61cm x 35cm - Poids : 4.6kg





Nash KNX Weigh Sling

Strong, carp friendly support for the biggest fish.

  • Extra strength aluminium bars for strong support
  • Centralising rings guarantee scales settle correctly
  • Multiple drainage holes 
  • Heavy duty zips

Dimensions: 116m x 65cm 


This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
1 x 205931 Nash Weigh Tripod
1 x 212510 Nash Dwarf Landing Net 42"
1 x 212519 Nash KNX Cradle Deluxe
1 x 212522 Nash KNX Weigh Sling
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Nash Weigh Tripod Dwarf Landing KNX Pack

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Available from 07/03/2019

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