Prowess Twinpod 3 Absolum B-Light Detection Pack Chrono Carp

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Prowess Twinpod 3 Absolum B-Light Detection Pack

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The PROWESS brand continues its flight by proudly proposing its new range enriched with many new products. PROWESS responds to your growing appetite for innovation.

Prowess Twinpod 3 Absolum B-Light Detection Pack

Rod Pod Prowess Twinpod II 4 rods

PROWESS strengthens its selection of rod pod with a high-end product and unique design : the TWINPOD II.

The concept of the TWINPOD is truly revolutionary thanks to an out of the ordinary modularity. Thus, it satisfies the basic fishing conditions in its 2x2 feet version and will be able to adapt, within a few seconds, to the requirements imposed by more extreme fishing conditions.

This performance makes the TWINPOD a true 2-in-1 pod that turns from a simple 2x2-foot version (2 in the front and 2 in the back), into an extreme version thanks to the addition of its tripod.

Its editing is very fast and of a disconcerting simplicity. The multiple settings are made in a flash, it is even possible to play on the lateral orientation of the rods (360°) and also on their inclination up to 80°.

Designed from an aeronautical grade aluminum alloy, the TWINPOD is extremely lightweight which facilitates its installation particularly in sensitive areas. It has a solid stability in both 2x2 feet and tri-leg version.

  • Maximum length between 2 Buzz Bar 160cm
  • Maximum height horizontal poles: 160cm in tripod module and 70cm in module 2 x 2 feet (with original feet)
  • Length of Buzz Bar 85cm (4 sticks)
  • 360° rotating
  • Tilting at 80°
  • Weight 5.5kg
  • Folded length 108cm
  • Delivered with its carrying bag

Extreme position of impaction and stability

Basic position

Standard extrem position

Extrem high rods position 

Prowess Absolum 4 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set

Last bite alarm serie signed PROWESS with new features. A setting alarm, when you turn a wheel, the detector signals you the various levels of adjustment with sound signals, no need to pull your line to know the volume, the tone or the sensitivity of the detector!

You can choose from 6 colors for each detector (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white). The receiver uses the detector tones directly.

  • Digital technology,
  • Power switch
  • Adjusting volume, tone and sensitivity
  • High visibility diodes
  • Light delay of 20 seconds
  • Night standby diode
  • Light accessories socket
  • Anti-theft function
  • Differentiation key return
  • No stainless screws
  • Waterproof case
  • Sound / vibrate mode (central)
  • 6 channels / indicator diodes (central)
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Works with a 9 V battery (not included)
  • Wireless transmission frequency : 433 MHz

Light accessories socket

Removable anti-ejection system - Snag ears.






Carp Design 3 Luminous Swingers B-Light Set

The B-Light is a versatile light swinger that benefits from an excellent level of finish.

They are equipped with a ball line clip that ensures excellent line maintenance without the risk of damaging it and guarantees a flawless release during a departure.


Their high-visibility head can be seen both day and night thanks to the presence of a diode that comes on when the swinger is connected to the jack 2.5mm for light accessory present on most detectors on the market.

In order to precisely adjust the tension exerted on your line, a 56g stainless steel sliding weight is present on the arm of the balance. 


  • Delivered with a quick fastening lug to leave under your detector
  • Ideal day and night
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Slider to adjust the tension of the line
  • Ball line fastening system
  • Quick fixing bracket
  • Works with most detectors (except Delkim)
  • 2.5mm Jack

2.5mm jack

Slider to adjust the tension of the line


Ccarp Adjustable Rod Pliers Back Rest (x3)

Thanks to the presence of two lateral screws, the Ccarp Adjustable Rod Plier Back Rest will allow you to perfectly adapt the width of the slats to the diameter of your rod butt.

Whether you use a rod equipped with a classic butt, Full Duplon (EVA) or Full Cork (cork), the support will guarantee you an optimal support.

The slats are covered with a rubber grip to prevent slipping of the rod and effectively protect the butt. A small lug is also present on the lower part on support to eliminate any risk of scratches.

The whole support is made of robust materials for increased durability.



This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
1 x 203079 Prowess Absolum 3 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set
1 x 204608 Carp Design 3 Luminous Swingers B-Light Set
3 x 205017 Ccarp Adjustable Rod Pliers Back Rest
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Prowess Twinpod 3 Absolum B-Light Detection Pack

513.60€ 344.00€


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