Nash Delivrance Cyber-Lite Throwing Stick Chrono Carp

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Nash Tackle

Nash Delivrance Cyber-Lite Throwing Stick

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Today Nash is the largest brand dedicated to carp fishing, translating into high quality products the desires and needs of fishermen, a leading brand in the UK as well as in Europe and around the world for carp anglers from 32 different countries! Nash: Innovators from the beginning.

Nash Delivrance Cyber-Lite Throwing Stick

Pure carbon, pure performance! The patented stripped out Cyber-Lite design takes the world renowned Cyber Shot performance to its ultimate conclusion.

Market leading accuracy and range with featherweight manufacturing to eliminate fatigue and strain. Available in two lengths to suit every situation from stealth work to extreme range - baiting has never been easier!


  • The ultimate stripped out, lightweight carbon throwing stick design 
  • 1K weave carbon parallel rails
  • Virtually silent operation prevents alerting birdlife
  • Unbeatable accuracy and enhanced range
  • The lightest stick on the market, eliminates fatigue when heavy baiting 
  • Fast base loading
  • Use with 14-20mm boilies







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Nash Delivrance Cyber-Lite Throwing Stick

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