Gardner GT-HD Low Viz Green Mainline Chrono Carp

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Gardner GT-HD Low Viz Green Mainline

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Innovation, quality and reliability are the foundation of the Gardner brand. This family-owned business is made up of a small team of hard-working employees who develop and provide products that will help you successfully hang beautiful fish.

Gardner GT-HD Low Viz Green Mainline

All new GT-HD is manufactured exclusively for Gardner Tackle with a unique high grade copolymer formula using cutting edge manufacturing processes to give the line reduced stretch and a crisp feel without compromising the other key characteristics.

After all, why develop a line that offers exceptional feel if it doesn’t retain the high knot strength, great abrasion resistance, fast sinking and a lovely smooth supple feel that anglers want.

By developing a main line that brings together all of these features ‘GT-HD’ sets a new benchmark in performance copolymer main lines. Finally, by manufacturing GT-HD in a awesome low-viz colour we’ve created a line that simply outperforms other low stretch lines in every way.

Reduced stretch offers excellent feedback to the rod tip when feeling the lead down and gives improved/enhanced bite indication at long range.

Smooth finish and supple feel offers superior casting performance. GT-HD is formulated to sink quickly and settle flush to the lake bed. This line has exceptionally high knot strength and high abrasion resistance. Low-Viz Green colour gives superb camouflage whether you are fishing slack or tight lines.

For optimum performance we recommend a Palomar knot with GT-HD (though Grinner and Fig.8 loops will still exceed stated breaking strain).

*We recommend spooling up GT-Hd with the label facing upwards (line coming off anti-clockwise) and periodically checking for line twist for the best possible results.

GT-HD is supplied on 1/4lb bulk spools and is available in the following breaking strains:

  • 0.33mm – 12lbs (5.4kg) – 1150m
  • 0.35mm – 15lbs (6.8kg) – 1030m
  • 0.39mm – 18lbs (8.2kg) – 830m





Gardner GT-HD Low Viz Green Mainline

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Diameter: 0.39mm
24.90€  17.90€
Diameter: 0.33mm
24.90€  17.90€
Diameter: 0.35mm
24.90€  17.90€

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