Seven Bass Big Boy 180 Float Tube Chrono Carp

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Seven Bass

Seven Bass Big Boy 180 Float Tube

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A French brand, Seven Bass has quickly become the undisputed leader in the float tube field. This brand has an extraordinary and incomparable range. You enter a whole world revolving around technical fishing navigation.

Seven Bass Big Boy 180 Float Tube

The SEVEN BASS HYBRID Line range has opened up new horizons for many European fishermen (some of whom are very famous), so we have naturally inspired and influenced certain fishing trends, becoming more and more present.

Today, we present the BIG BOY 180, with ultra generous measurements, making it even easier to track your carp on our floating gear.

Indeed, the BIG BOY 180 is the XXL Hybrid Float Tube of the range that will be able to welcome you for ultra secure sessions on big fish : it will prevail on fishing in Europe without any doubt, with arguments weight with its XXL rolls of the same diameters as the 2.70m semi-rigid boats.


The BIG BOY 180 was also the first to inaugurate the arrival on the entire range of the brand new SEVEN BASS exclusive shape of the LS / HS cones (Low Shape / High Stability) which provides maximum stability, which will surpass all you can to know so far!

Note that the engine support kit can easily be placed in the nose, it will be even less possible to compare it to any other existing model...


  • Made of PVC Coated 1000D 0.7mm
  • Seat / backrest inflatable "Dropstitch" adjustable
  • 2 inner tubes of 35cm
  • High pressure valves
  • Comes with 2 storage kits
  • Graduated reception mats
  • Waterproof bag slot on the back of the seat
  • Many rings affine to attach accessories
  • Transport bag provided
  • HLS Morphology (High Stability Low Shape)
  • Air pump supplied
  • Max Load: 180kg

Dimensions : 180cm x 120cm - Weight : 8kg

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Seven Bass Big Boy 180 Float Tube

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