Extra Carp Camou Infinity Nylon 1000m Chrono Carp

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Extra Carp

Extra Carp Camou Infinity Nylon 1000m

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Founded in 1994, the Extra Carp brand was quickly recognized for the reliability and excellent quality of its products. This company ensures the growth of its range and its mission is to provide high quality products and accessories at the best quality / price ratio.

Extra Carp Camou Infinity Nylon 1000m

The Camou Infinity is a camouflage monofilament specially developed and produced for carp fishing.

Exceptionally resistant to abrasion and knots with a low stretch coefficient, it also features surface softness and smoothness that provides long and precise cast with a minimum of friction on the guide rings.

Its camouflage finish makes this line almost invisible when it is submerged in lakes and rivers.

The Camou Infinity is also UV resistant thanks to a specific treatment and keeps its original properties in time even after a long use.

An excellent quality nylon line at an attractive price!

Available in 1000m spool in a metal can to protect the line and 3 diameters for more versatility:

  • Ø 0.30mm – strength : 12.7kg
  • Ø 0.35mm – strength : 15.2kg
  • Ø 0.37mm – strength : 17.6kg

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Extra Carp Camou Infinity Nylon 1000m

From 22.90€


Diameter: 0.37mm
22.90€  18.90€
Diameter: 0.30mm
22.90€  18.90€
Diameter: 0.35mm
22.90€  18.90€

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