Carp Design Slim Fighter 10' GK9000 Set (x4) Chrono Carp

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Carp Design

Carp Design Slim Fighter 10' GK9000 Set (x4)

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Inspired by current trends and the needs of modern carp anglers, Carp Design is a rising brand which aims to bring a new vision of carp fishing tackle.

Carp Design Slim Fighter 10' 3.25lbs GK9000 Set (x4) + Gift

Carp Design Slim Fighter 10' 3.25lbs Rod

Here is a rod that has not finished talking about her! Indeed, this is the first time a rod has such a level of equipment at such a competitive price!

Made from a 24T carbon, its ultra-thin matte black blank, highlighted with black ligatures and orange piping, will seduce lovers of beautiful rods from the very first glance.

With excellent casting abilities, the Slim Fighter provides a comfort of use quite remarkable. In order to optimize its performance and balance, it is equipped with SIC LTSG lightened rings and rare thing for a rod of such a quality / price ratio, it has a Fuji reel seat!

Its progressive semi-parabolic action guarantees a quick return from the blank when casting while maintaining a superb action on fish of all sizes.

For optimal comfort of use, the length between the butt handle and the reel seat has been lengthened compared to the traditional 10' rods available on the market, to facilitate its grip during casting but also during combat.

The Slim Fighter is a powerful rod that combines nervousness, precision and strength, all at an incredible price / quality ratio.

  • Carbon Blank Top Module 24T
  • Black matte color blank
  • Black ligatures with orange border
  • 6 lightweight rings SIC LTSG double legged
  • Starting ring 40mm
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Tapered short handle
  • Handle equipped with a rubberized sheath coating
  • Finishing butt cap
  • Finishing ring on the reel seat
  • Integrated line clip
  • Comes in 210D Oxford cloth cover
  • Weight: 260g
  • Overall dimensions: 155cm

Technical Information
Test Curve
10' (300cm)

Sic LTSG rings

Neat finish that seduces at the first glance

Tapered short handle

Black ligatures with orange border

Fuji reel seat

Carp Design GK9000 Black & Orange Reel

Newcomer in the field of front brake reels, the GK9000 is a Long Cast reel dedicated to long distance fishing enthusiasts.

Its sober and clean design contains reliable and robust mechanics worthy of the most prestigious models. Thanks to its ultra-light, computer-balanced frame, the GK9000 offers a perfect balance to rods of all lengths.


It is equipped with the "Worm Shaft System" ultra-slow oscillation cross-winding system, which allows perfect wire storage to allow you to gain the few meters that make the difference when fishing at great distances.

It has 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings, an aluminum spool (+ a spare aluminum spool), an infinite anti-return and a micrometric front brake "Drag Control" which allows to move from a brake in free position to a combat brake very quickly and very accurately.

The exotic wood handle mounted on the machined aluminum crank offers a comfortable grip and sublimates its devastating look.

Aluminium spool with line clip and line guard system

  • Black & orange finish
  • 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Forged aluminum main spool
  • Extra spool made of forged aluminum
  • Stainless steel pins, screws and washers (saltwater compatible)
  • Reinforced control wheel
  • Ultra-light, high-strength graphite body
  • Micrometric front brake "Drag Control"
  • Anti-twist and anti-corrosion roller
  • Infinite anti return
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • Winding with crossed turns
  • Double oscillation "Worm Shaft System"
  • Folding crank in machined aluminum
  • Exotic wood handle
  • Line clip

Technical Information
Spool add.
450m /0.30mm
350m / 0.35mm

Anti-twisting and anti-corrosion roller

Large Drag Control brake wheel for a good grip

Clean design, sober and neat

CAD Balanced Rotor

Deluxe exotic wood handle

Ergonomic crank clamping screw


Additional aluminium spool


This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
4 x 251337 Carp Design Slim Fighter 10' 3.25lbs Rod
4 x 202002 Carp Design GK9000 Black & Orange Reel
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Carp Design Slim Fighter 10' GK9000 Set (x4)

571.20€ 414.00€


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Available from 21/11/2019

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