Starbaits Perf Concept RS1 Boilies 20mm 3x1kg

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The development of new products still remains the spearhead of Starbaits, as required by its leadership position. Thanks to this "uncompromising" innovation in terms of labor and time, Starbaits products take the best podium places and pass the most demanding carpist tests all over Europe.

Starbaits Perf Concept RS1 Boilies 20mm 3x1kg
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Starbaits Perf Concept RS1 Boilies 20mm 3x1kg

New range of baits studied to offer you a set of complementary products and to answer all the situations likely to be met at the edge of the water!

All the elements that make up this new range: long-lasting boilies; floating boilies; hook baits or soaking, can be used independently or in combination and have been developed according to the same attractive principles for each bait!

Starbaits Perf Concept RS1 Boilies 20mm 3x1kg

Rolled with the same quality criteria as the entire Performance concept range, the "RS1" was born from the combination of two of the most recognized ingredients in the carp fishing world : Robin Red Haith's and crayfish flour from Starbaits.

Their combination with soluble attractive compounds as well as some complementary ingredients makes it a real bomb for big fish!

The test reports are formal : these boilies take more fish whatever the conditions!


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3 x241172Bouillettes Starbaits Perf Concept RS1 20mm 1kg