River2Sea Knife KJ07 Black Holographic-Glow Jig

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River2Sea Knife KJ07 Black Holographic-Glow Jig
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River2Sea Knife KJ07 Black Holographic-Glow Jig

Founded in Australia in 1998, River2Sea designs, develops and manufactures a range of outstanding lures. It uses renowned professional sport fishermen, to design its lures and accessories of quality. They meet the requirements of competitors and ... suspicious fish.

With hi-tech, hi-tech lures armed with ultra-sharp Japanese Daiichi hooks, River2Sea offers swimmers whose international reputation is now recognized by everyone.

River2Sea Knife KJ07 Black Holographic-Glow Jig
With this jig you will fish deep without needing a very heavy lure. Its long, very thin body, with its center of gravity off center, allows it to slide neatly towards the abyss without parasitic movement. Ideal for "jiggers" who fish light and rely on finesse to deceive the largest fish sheltered deep.

Like the Sea Rock, this jig has a stainless steel reinforcement "Thru Wire", pledge of strength during the fighting. During the animations, his disordered movements and his holographic reflections trigger violent reflex attacks.
The phosphorescence of the belly is an undeniable additional asset to awaken the attention of the fish posted in the dark abysses.

Tip : Mounting a Support Hook

The Hook Support is intended to arm a jig on the same ring that is used by the line. It allows, among other things, fishing on uneven bottoms without hanging. In theory, it is advisable to use a Hook Support whose length is 1/3 the size of the jig. There are two possibilities to fix the jig. The most classic is to use a broken ring.

Only sometimes, a Hook Support whose hook has a size consistent with a jig has a braid too long for the latter. In this case, simply attach the Hook Support directly to the jig by a simple loop.