Carp Design Full Camo Line Bed Level Chair Pack

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Inspired by current trends and the needs of modern carp anglers, Carp Design is a rising brand which aims to bring a new vision of carp fishing tackle.

Carp Design Full Camo Line Bed Level Chair Pack
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Carp Design Full Camo Line Bed Level Chair Pack

Carp Design Full Camo Line Bed Level Chair Pack

The Camo Line range is riding the current trend of "camou" gear that has been in fashion for a few years now. Carp Design offers a complete range of products dedicated to the comfort and the organization of the equipment, all in an exclusive camouflage of the most beautiful effect.

Carp Design Camo Line Full Camou 6 legs Bed Chair

With a weight of less than 10kg, the bed chair Camo Line wants to be the ally of the mobile carp anglers, anxious to have a comfortable but light bed chair.

Its thick mattress with morphological cut, oversized elastics and lumbar support system are designed to provide you with increased comfort to ensure a restful rest.

Its lightweight but sturdy frame made of high quality steel is equipped with 6 feet equipped with anti-mud cups. The adjustment of the feet is facilitated by the presence of the system "Easy Lock" which allows to adjust the height of one hand.

To eliminate the risk of inadvertent withdrawal, the feet have a locking pin. The Camo Line bed chair is equipped with a comfortable built-in pillow and back adjustment knobs.

  • Exclusive camouflage pattern
  • Thick mattress
  • Ultra-light yet robust steel frame
  • Pillow incorporated
  • "Easy Lock" foot adjustment system
  • 6 adjustable feet
  • Feet equipped with 360 ° anti-mud cups
  • Comfortable and stable
  • 100% polyester 600D
  • Back adjustment knob
  • Anti-fold pins

Dimensions : 205cm x 80cm x 35/45cm - Weight : 9.9kg

Ultra-light yet robust steel frame

Over-sized elastics

"Easy Lock" foot adjustment system

Lumbar reinforcement

Back adjustment knob

Side padding for optimized comfort

Anti-fold pins

Carp Design Camo Line Recliner Armrests Level Chair 

Constructed around a reinforced steel frame, the Camo Line Recliner Armrests level chair is equipped with 4 adjustable feet with anti-mud cup and a comfortable two-tone camo/black ergonomic mattress made of 600D polyester.

The presence of armrests gives it a higher level of comfort compared to a classic level chair, which is appreciable during long periods of waiting on the bank or just when you eat.

In addition to this, a central elastic provides a firm seat and its seat height very high compared to most level chairs available on the market will fill the largest of you.

Its four adjustable feet will ensure adaptability to all tests and safety pins that equip it can eliminate the risk of inadvertent withdrawal and ensure your seat.

Compact when folded, the Camo Line Armrests is a versatile level chair that will satisfy the carp anglers in need of comfort!


  • Robust reinforced steel frame
  • Exclusive camouflage color
  • Back adjustment knob
  • Ergonomic two-tone black / olive mattress
  • Quilted back and seat
  • 4 adjustable feet equipped with mud cups
  • Made of 600D polyester
  • Anti-fold pins
  • Armrests
  • Firm seating

Dimensions : 50cm (length) x 45cm (seat) x 60cm (back) x 40/55cm (seat height) – Weight : 6.9kg 

Firm seating

Anti-fold pins

Made of 600D polyester

4 adjustable feet equipped with mud cups

Removable accessories pocket

Backrest adjustment knob

"Easy Lock" foot adjustment system
Bundle detail : 
1 x216472Bed Chair Carp Design Camo Line Full Camou 6 pieds
1 x216481Level Chair Carp Design Camo Line Recliner Accoudoirs