Prowess Absolum 3D Vision Electronic Set Chrono Carp

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Prowess Absolum 3D Vision Electronic Set

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The PROWESS brand continues its flight by proudly proposing its new range enriched with many new products. PROWESS responds to your growing appetite for innovation.

Prowess Absolum 3D Vision Electronic Set

Prowess Absolum 3 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set

Last detector signed PROWESS with new features. A setting alarm, when you turn a wheel, the detector signals you the various levels of adjustment with sound signals, no need to pull your line to know the volume, the tone or the sensitivity of the detector!

You can choose from 6 colors for each detector (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white). The receiver uses the detector tones directly.

  • Digital technology
  • Power switch
  • Adjusting volume, tone and sensitivity
  • High visibility diodes
  • Light delay of 20 seconds
  • Night standby diode
  • Light accessories socket
  • Anti-theft function
  • Differentiation key return
  • No stainless screws
  • Waterproof case
  • Sound / vibrate mode (central)
  • 6 channels / indicator diodes (central)
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Works with a 9V battery (not included)
  • Wireless transmission frequency : 433 MHz

Light accessories socket

Removable anti-ejection system - Snag ears.





Prowess Vision Indicator (Set of 3)

3 color indicators box with quick line clip system and adjustable weight.

Exclusive Prowess design.








This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
1 x 203079 Prowess Absolum 3 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set
1 x 204576 Prowess Vision Indicator (Set of 3)
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Prowess Absolum 3D Vision Electronic Set

327.90€ 229.00€


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