Carp Zoom Satellite 4 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set Chrono Carp

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Carp Zoom

Carp Zoom Satellite 4 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set

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CarpZoom is a new brand in the field of fishing equipment and baits. In order to tackle the European market, CarpZoom is surrounded by a group of experts with strong experience in the fishing industry. This aims to provide end consumers with an improved and wider product range year after year.

Carp Zoom Satellite 4 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set

Made of a weather-resistant plastic and with a "soft touch" coating, these detectors will seduce many carp anglers who want to purchase a 4 detectors + receiver set without having to break their piggy banks.

You'll find many features on these, such as adjusting the sensitivity, tone, volume, and a distinctive tone for the return keys.

The presence of removable anti-ejections, is a real plus because now even during a violent take your rod will not jump the rod pod or his banksticks.


Thanks to LED light technology, your detectors will consume very little energy so you do not have to change batteries constantly.

In order to be able to equip them with luminous accessories such as hangers or swingers, you will find on the detector a plug in 2.5mm.

The receiver is equipped with four high-visibility LEDs (red, yellow, green and blue) as well as a silent mode.


The range of transmission of the detectors to the central unit can go up to 200 meters (varies according to the conditions) which allows you to fish any type of posts even those where you can not have a direct access to your rods.

  • Soft touch rubber finish coating
  • Long range signal (200m depending on conditions)
  • Sensitivity, volume and tone adjustable
  • Dropback key distinction
  • High brightness LED
  • Long life battery
  • 2.5mm light accessory socket
  • Mute mode selection on the receiver
  • Belt clip on the receiver
  • Comes with a storage box
  • Operate with 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)


This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
1 x 203899 Carp Zoom Satellite 3 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set
1 x 203900 Carp Zoom Satellite Bite Alarm Yellow
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Carp Zoom Satellite 4 Bite Alarms + Receiver Set

133.90€ 109.00€


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Available from 06/02/2019

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