Sonik SK-TEK Fast Fishing Pack Chrono Carp

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Sonik SK-TEK Fast Fishing Pack

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We are proud to offer Sonik products that have quickly gained a solid reputation for reliable performance and excellent value for money! Recognized worldwide, Sonik is one of the best references on the carp fishing market!

Sonik SK-TEK Fast Fishing Pack

Sonik SK-TEK 60'' 1 man Brolly

The SKTEK brolly is a 8mm fiber glass frame 60 inch brolly responding perfectly to the top angler's needs.

Its 8 mm fiber glass frame with low central profile gives a light and strong brolly with increased internal space for comfort and habitability. The side strom wings and rain gutter drag water and provide extra protection to keep you dry.

It comes with quick set up central pole, two 26'' quick connect storm poles, oversized carrybag and heavy duty T pegs.

  • Lightweight and rigid 8mm fibreglass frame
  • Low proile central boss for increased internal space
  • 5,000mm HH 210 PU Backed Polyester
  • Tuff-lite™ removable groundsheet
  • Storm wings and rain gutter for extra protection
  • Supplied with quick set-up central pole
  • Comes complete with two 26” quick connect storm poles
  • Velcro rod retainers and roll back open front option
  • Folded dimensions : 183cm x 15cm 
  • Supplied with oversize carry bag and heavy-duty T-Pegs

Dimensions assembled : 240cm x 185cm x 135cm – Weight : 5.6kg 

Sonik SK-TEK 60'' 1 man Brolly (Front Panel only)

Sk -TEK 60'' brolly dedicated front panel.

This compatible with most 60'' umbrella style shelters infill panel allows you to transform your umbrella to a biwy style shelter giving you the ultimate weather protection while preserving your mobility.

The two-way removable door system can be used ‘letterbox’ style and features green, clear PVC or mozzi mesh window options.

Two large front mozzy vents ensure a good ventilation and keep a good visibility when open. The front can be also rolled back to bring you the ultimate look on your swim while ensuring you that you will be ok against the damp with ease when the night comes.

This overwrap features 2 velcro rod retainers to keep your rods secured during the action.

Supplied with an oversized carrybag and heavy duty pegs.

  • Lightweight quick attach full front for your 60” Brolly
  • Compatible with most umbrella style shelters
  • 2-way letterbox style removable door
  • 3 Door window options (green, clear PVC, mozzi mesh)
  • 2 Large front mozzi vents
  • 5,000mm HH 210 PU Backed Polyester
  • Velcro rod retainers and roll back open front option
  • Multiple height pegging points
  • Supplied with oversize carry bag and heavy-duty T-Pegs
  • Folded dimensions : 45cm x 15cm

Dimensions assembled : 240cm x 185cm x 135cm – Weight : 2.4kg 

Sonik SK-TEK 6 legs Levelbed Camo

The new Sonik SK-TEK Levelbed has a multitude of high class features to ensure maximum comfort no matter how long your session may be.


The centre section and shoulder area has extra elasticated lumbar support to provide maximum comfort whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper. This can also be tailored to suit your preferred irmness.

The twin folding hinges gives the bed a completely flat profile and allow enough room to fold up with sleeping bag in place.

Fleece lined with our smart SK-TEK camo material surround with an extra wide padded pillow section.

  • Robust 6-Leg steel and aluminium frame - 100% flat profile
  • Centre and shoulder area lumbar support
  • Wide padded pillow and leece lining
  • HD 600D PVC backed SK-TEK camo material
  • Lock-out system on all legs
  • Twin fold-out mesh pockets
  • Adjustable legs with large swivel mud feet
  • Twin bracket folding to allow sleeping bag storage
  • Folded dimensions : 76cm x 80cm x 26cm

Dimensions : 210cm x 80cm x 135cm – Weight : 9.6kg



Sonik SK-TEK 5 Seasons Sleeping Bag

The SK-TEK sleeping bag offers full 5-season insulation and is extremely eficient at keeping you warm. The high-quality silicone treated hollow fibre fill maintains its loft for maximum heat retention.

A new hood design gives maximum versatility and allows enough movement for the bag to form around you no matter what your sleeping position.

There is a fleece lined upper for warmth and a smooth polyester lined base for easy movement inside the bag with an additional smooth polyester stubble guard neck lining.

The head and foot sections both have drawstrings that allow you to thicken the insulation and eliminate cold spots for a cosy nights sleep.

  • Full 5-season thickness insulation
  • High quality silicone treated hollow fibre fill
  • Oversized No.10 coil crash zips
  • More eficient internal zip bafles
  • New improved head and foot hood design
  • Removable elasticated centre strap
  • ¾ Length zips with easy slide guides
  • 190T Ripstop outer material
  • Smooth polyester lined base for easy movement
  • Fleece lined top cover with smooth stubble guard neck lining
  • Foot drawstring to eliminate cold spots
  • Packed dimensions : 50cm x 35cm

Dimensions : 215cm x 90cm – Weight : 3.8kg 

Couverture Etanche Sonik SK-TEK Thermal Bed Cover 

The SK-TEK thermal bed cover can be used as an extra layer of insulation or on its own as a summer blanket.

It has a hardwearing water-resistant outer material, hollow fibre filling and a smooth micro leece lining. Generously sized to keep the drafts at bay and keep you comfortable.

  • Water-resistant and breathable fabric
  • Silicone treated Hollowibre fill
  • Micro fleece lined
  • Four bed connection points
  • Packed dimensions : 45cm x 25cm

Dimensions : 215cm x 115cm – Weight : 1.6kg 






This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
1 x 217939 Sonik SK-TEK 60'' 1 man Brolly
1 x 217934 Sonik SK-TEK 2 men Biwy
1 x 216610 Sonik SK-TEK 6 legs Levelbed Camo
1 x 216611 Sonik SK-TEK 5 Seasons Sleeping Bag
1 x 216612 Sonik SK-TEK Thermal Bed Cover
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Sonik SK-TEK Fast Fishing Pack

725.90€ 584.00€


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