Prowess Kamalarm 3 Bite Alarms Set Chrono Carp

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Prowess Kamalarm 3 Bite Alarms Set

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The PROWESS brand continues its flight by proudly proposing its new range enriched with many new products. PROWESS responds to your growing appetite for innovation.

Prowess Kamalarm 3 Bite Alarms Set

Worthy declination of Osmose detectors! The Kamalarm resumes all the excellent qualities of it. Volume, tone, sensitivity settings.

They are of course equipped with an electronic radio transmission system which works in association with the receiver. Adjusting the volume, tone and sensitivity is done by pressing the central keys.

Several levels are accessible for very fine adjustments. Kamalarm detectors also have a back key differentiation system. 


The retransmission of this data is reflected in a sound warning of a specific tone different from that emitted in the case of a classic key.

They also have a manual activation diode, which can be used for easier tracking of your rods set up at night. Below the case, there is a socket for receiving illuminated visual bite indicators.

Kamalarm detectors contain an internal memory that records settings made by the user. These will be effective each time the unit is turned on.

A superb box for those looking for discretion!


  • Camo detectors + receiver box 
  • Wireless transmission
  • Volume, tone, sensitivity adjustable
  • Luminous accessory socket
  • Night watch indicator
  • Vibrator mode on receiver
  • 100% waterproof

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