Nash Indulgence Bed Chair Wide 8 legs Chrono Carp

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Nash Tackle

Nash Indulgence Bed Chair Wide 8 legs

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Today Nash is the largest brand dedicated to carp fishing, translating into high quality products the desires and needs of fishermen, a leading brand in the UK as well as in Europe and around the world for carp anglers from 32 different countries! Nash: Innovators from the beginning.

Nash Indulgence Bed Chair Wide 8 legs

The benchmark that all beds are set to be measured against, the new Indulgence 3 and 4 bring the renowned Nash comfort and new design uprated lumbar support to fans of a traditional bed with a sleeping bag.

Indulgence Beds offer options for standard and wide in the three and four leg frames. The four leg versions have increased leg extension for greater adjustability on uneven ground and improved under bed storage room.


All models are fitted with extra length lumbar support elastics, allowing mattress support to be easily reduced if required, tailoring comfort to the individual. Luxury high density foam mattress toppers for comfort. 

  • Hollow fibre filled central mattress section for improved insulation
  • Enhanced central lumbar support eliminates mattress sag
  • Unique hinge design decreases transport size in vehicles and on barrows
  • Sculpted integral pillow
  • Finished in the Nash Lake Legends camouflage
  • Twin mesh valuables pockets for phones, remotes and keys
  • Fold flat mud feet with pegging holes
  • Packaway compression straps for a flat load base on barrows
  • Fast fit elastic loops for optional Indulgence pillows and shrouds 

Dimensions : 215cm x 95cm - Weight : 13kg



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Nash Indulgence Bed Chair Wide 8 legs

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