Fox FX Flatliner Chrono Carp

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Fox FX Flatliner

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Fox is the largest distributor of specialized fishing tackle for carp. Who are the carp anglers who have never heard of products such as Swingers, FOX box systems, Microns. This is proof of a permanent desire for innovation and progress policy, both in design and in product development.

Fox FX Flatliner



The revolutionary FX Flatliner took the carp fishing world by storm when it was released at the end of 2011 and in that time the products reputation has grown from strength to strength with many of the best carp anglers around Europe using them.

The unique and innovative Flatliner is in many people’s opinion one of the most comfortable bedchairs ever produced, and that is certainly the opinion of Total Carp Magazine editor Marc Coulson, who personally opts to use a Flatliner for all of his long session angling due to its “unrivalled comfort and functionality”.


And what does Marc use for his short session trips you may be thinking? The new Flatliter Bed & Bag System of course!


Features :

  • Dimensions : 208cm x 94cm x 40cm
  • Weight : 12.9kg

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Fox FX Flatliner

379.00€ 329.00€


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