Imperial Carptrack Boilies 20mm 5 kg (x5) Chrono Carp

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Imperial Fishing

Imperial Carptrack Boilies 20mm 5 kg (cocktail of 5)

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Thank you for your interest in our Imperial Fishing product line. Perhaps you have heard about us through the success of some of the best carp anglers from all over Europe! It is you who bring the "motivator", we provide the rest and we will not let you down!

Our boilies catch carp for 13 years ! All our lengendary CT boilies are produced from exactly the same winning formula of our Carptrack mixes. We complete the recipes with highly attractives flavours and additives like Carptrack In L, CT Liquid Amino, Essential Oils even with Liquid NHDC -the original. In this you can fish full of confidence and focus on  all the other aspects of your angling !

Imperial Carptrack Boilies 20mm 5 kg (cocktail of 5)

Imperial Carptrack Boilies Crawfish Black & White 20mm 5kg 

This boilie is created from the best ingredients of the Carptrack Fish (fishmeal, and the successful Carptrack base with Add Fat, protein concentrate, and squid-liver) as well as Banana boilies (calf's milk and HNDC).


These are combined with a 27% portion of crayfish powder (the whole animal) as well as the new flavors "Crawfish" and "Monster Crab". These all combined create fireworks!

The smell of the boilies is... yes you will see, or should we say smell!


Black & White - 50 / 50

It makes a difference if you are black or white- when you are a boilie!

We cannot always be sure whether the water we are fishing has a dark or light colored bottom in order to make that important contrast. With the Black & White mixture you can be sure that your bait will be noticed under the water.

As demonstrated by the Half'nHalf's the contrast between light and dark has proven to be extremely effective.

Most important is that this bait brings fish- many fish and nice Big Ones! 

"We hope you have much fun with the testing and we look forward to all feedback!" - Max Nollert & Team



Stinker, Yummys and Cold Water

We differentiate our Boilies and all Pop Ups, Dips, Gels, Power Powders and Flavours between Stinker, Yummys and Cold Water.

Stinker: Worm Up, Monster's Paradise, Elite, Liver, Monster, Monster-Liver and Fish and their Flavours and other Additives

Yummys: Our sweet Boilies, Explosiv Stickmix, Elite Strawberry, Osmotic Spice and Birdfood Banana, Uncle Bait "The Boilie" and their Flavours and other Additives

Cold Water: Optimal water solubility at low temperatures. It comes to the following varieties: Monster's Paradise CW, Explosiv Stickmix CW, Liver CW and Monster CW

Imperial Carptrack Boilies Monster's Paradise 20mm 5kg 

A soft and gentle bomb, as long as it doesn’t hit the water! Then it’s a firework of the senses! 

There is a reason that this boilie is the base to our fantastic Carptrack Monster Boilie, but contains only half of the Carptrack Powder content, making it less filling and therefore more versatile and easier to handle.


It contains 5% Hungarian Paprika, 5% Spanish Pepper for sure from Haith’s and hotter than Robin Red, 2% Asian Garlic Powder and NHDC – The Original.

It is rolled with 7ml/kg Carptrack Bloodworm Flavour and 1ml/kg Garlic Essential Oil. Together this creates a bombastic effect regarding immediate and long lasting attraction and elution.

Monster's Paradise boilie mix


Imperial Carptrack Boilies Fish 20mm 5kg

Imperial Baits Carptrack Fish boilie - now even stronger!

The IB Carptrack boilie is one of the very first original baits from Imperial. Since 2003 it has been fished with much success all across Europe. It has been a top-seller from its introduction to present.

Fishmeal LT94

The fishmeal LT94 is dried at very low temperatures which preserves the physiological properties of the amino acids and proteins with over 74% of the really good stuff remaining after processing. Attention: this fishmeal is not with ordinary fishmeal even close in comparison when it comes to taste and smell!

Pre-digested fishmeal

Another important recipe component is the pre-digested fishmeal.

It is a highly water soluble fish protein concentrate with 84% protein contents. Along with its amino acid profile it is an extreme carp attractant. This meal because of its 75% water solubility has fantastic attraction even in cold water conditions.

Many well-known big fish anglers have called upon this valuable ingredient for years.

Dedicated Carptrack Fish boilie mix

Our fishmeal comes directly from Norway and we take our Robin Red and Super Red from Haiths in England. 

Last but not least we want to ensure that the super water soluble protein concentrate which is in ALL Carptrack boilies are combined with:

  • Liquid Amino (12ml/kg)
  • Original Indian Essential Black Pepper Oil (3ml/kg)
  • Carptrack Fish Flavour XXL (6ml/kg)

Top of the ticket when searching for that perfect boilie? The Fish boilie is always and everywhere a sure carp bringer - and now even stronger ! 



Imperial Carptrack Boilies Elite 20mm 5kg

Challenging conditions at the water require special baits. Especially busy hot spots, frequented by a lot of different anglers, this is when you want an exclusive mix that temps the carp to bite again.

The Carptrack Elite Boilie contains inL (12ml/kg), NHDC (3,5/kg), Elite Flavour (5ml/kg), Liquid Amino (12ml/kg) and Essential Oil Black Pepper (1,5ml/kg).

The Elite Boilie will become your best mate on the hunt for very big carp, especially in tricky and hard conditions!

Dedicated Carptrack Elite boilie mix ! 

Imperial Carptrack Boilies Monster Liver 20mm 5kg

Back in 2007, we decided to offer what many people called "The Most Successful Mix Of All Time" also as a Boilie.

It contains 50% each Carptrack Monster and Liver Mix, as well as Carptrack Liquid (18ml/kg), Carptrack Monster Flavour (5ml/kg) and Carptrack Frankfurter Sausage Flavour (4ml/kg).

The success has been legendary! 

Hundreds of carp over 50lb, 60lb, 70lb and even 90lb have been caught on this big carp magnet!

Now also available as a Cold Water Boilie.


Monster Liver Mix : The best boilie mix of all time!

Winning formula!

Pimp my Baits!


This pack contains the following items :

Quantity Items Designation
1 x 242517 Imperial Carptrack Boilies Crawfish Black & White 20mm 5kg
1 x 242519 Imperial Carptrack Boilies Monster's Paradise 20mm 5kg
1 x 242523 Imperial Carptrack Boilies Fish 20mm 5kg
1 x 242525 Imperial Carptrack Boilies Elite 20mm 5kg
1 x 242531 Imperial Carptrack Boilies Monster Liver 20mm 5kg

Imperial Carptrack Boilies 20mm 5 kg (cocktail of 5)

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