Anatec Maxboat OAK Devo7 Lithium Chrono Carp

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The Anatec brand is specialized in the manufacture of radio controlled starter boats for more than 20 years. ANATEC is considered by the biggest names of "Specimen Hunting", as the indispensable ally of carp anglers. The French press considers the ANATEC bait boats as the most efficient, reliable and robust on the market.

Anatec Maxboat OAK Devo7 Lithium

The MAXBOAT is a baitboat, its form ensures perfect flotation and solid stability even in the most extreme conditions (wind and waves).

On each side of the hull, two ventilated motors provide the power necessary to navigate over 7 km / h with a full load. These motors are controlled independently from one another allowing greater steering control.

This feature ensures perfect handling of the MAXBOAT and gives the ability to turn on the spot. This is a major advantage when setting the lines as this needs to be very precise (At the edge or under a tree…).

For easy transport and launching the MAXBOAT is equipped with a handle.

The batteries are supplied ready charged. There is no need to re-charge the batteries before the first use.

Before connecting the batteries, make sure the power switch is turned to OFF.Remove the top cover, place the batteries into the housing provided for this purpose and connect them.

Before switching the main power switch to ON, make sure that :

- The remote control is switched on, its antenna extended and that the battery charge level is satisfactory.

- The battery is properly connected to the boat..

The stainless steel baiting tray is placed in a central position which gives the boat stability even when loaded. It is divided into two compartments.

The remote control allows gradual opening of the hatches which allows baiting the fishing area.

The two doors can open independently which allows specific targeting. The tray can hold up to 5 kg (2 x 2.5 kg) and can be used to transport any type of bait (boilies, seeds, pellets, flour).

Prior to loading bait into the tray, it is important to check that the vessel and the remote control are turned on. Bins must be closed by using the remote.Be careful, to not activate the door manually.

For use at night or in bad weather, the MAXBOAT is equipped with 6 ultra powerful white LEDs in the front and 2 rear red LEDs for identifying the position of the boat, even at a great distance.

Dimensions : 70cm x 46cm x 33cm - Weigth : 10kg

ANATEC MAXBOAT are supplied with the DEVENTION DEVO7 remote control which boasts the latest technology HoTT bidirectional communication at 2.4 GHz.

This new technology is the ultimate in remote control, it solves the interference problems that cause unexpected trap door opening or dropping lines at the wrong time.

Finally this new technology no longer requires an antenna on the boat, which greatly improves access under the low branches. Thanks to these new remotes, with a range of up to 250m, there is less risk of losing control of your boat.

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