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Avid Carp

Avid Carp Screen House RT Shelter

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Avid is trying to rethink carp fishing. Do not expect to see mountains of products already seen elsewhere. All the products under development undergo rigorous tests by some of the best fishermen of this company to develop the tools perfectly adapted to the needs of Carp anglers of tomorrow.

Avid Carp Screen House RT Shelter

This shelter is sure to find favour with anglers who fish on the Continent, or carp anglers in the UK who want to cook and socialise with friends on longer sessions.

Featuring two full-length zips on three sides, a window on the back and the option to create a porch area, this is the most feature packed gazebo-style shelter on the market.


  • Easy to erect
  • Full mozzie mesh throughout
  • Two full-length zips on three sides
  • 100cm x 100cm window at back
  • Supplied with groundsheet and pegs
  • Poles for porch area supplied
  • Guide ropes secure in individual pockets
  • Guide ropes glow under head torch light
  • Supplied with an ultra-compact carry bag 
Dimensions : 270cm x 330cm – Poids : 15.9kg





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Avid Carp Screen House RT Shelter

289.00€ 249.00€


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Available from 12/07/2019

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